In this episode of Life Without Secrets, we are joined by Arthur Renowitzky, the executive director and co-founder of the Life Goes On Foundation. Arthur shares his incredible journey of resilience and determination after a life-altering event. He is on a mission to end youth violence and promote positive lifestyles through extracurricular activities. Arthur’s inspiring story and message of overcoming adversity have left a lasting impact on thousands of young minds. Tune in to hear his remarkable story and how he is making a positive change in communities and the world.

“And I think that in whatever we’re going through, we can create our own community and find purpose in there by helping others.”



[00:03:54] Surviving a life-altering injury

[00:10:28] Creating a mission for change

[00:17:33] Life Goes On Foundation mission

[00:23:48] Accessible beaches and barriers

[00:33:12] Supporting the younger generation

[00:39:42] Finding strength in adversity


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