In this episode of Life Without Secrets, we welcome Alek Angelov, a trailblazing sales and marketing expert with a significant impact in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Alex believes that success is a personal journey, and he is committed to helping others find joy in their pursuit of success. With his expertise in lie detection, we delve into the importance of authenticity, worthiness, and aligning with our true passions. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business professional, or simply on a quest to uncover your authentic self, this episode will inspire and empower you to redefine your path to success.

“I think success could be redefined as the journey that you’re on and every day being better and better.”



[00:01:31] Authenticity and self-worth in success

[00:08:12] Detours in life

[00:12:25] The world of lie detection

[00:16:18] Embracing authenticity and success

[00:20:10] Embracing personal growth and success

[00:25:57] Personal growth and success

[00:32:33] Speed and starting messy

[00:41:23] Focusing on the Solution


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