In this episode of Life Without Secrets, our special guest, Kelli Kilpatrick, shares her expertise in navigating college and career journeys. With over three decades of experience in senior leadership roles at top universities, Kelli has impacted the lives and careers of hundreds of thousands of people globally. She helps students navigate the college admission and financial aid processes and extends her guidance to individuals exploring new careers or pursuing new goals. Kelli’s Where You Belong method is designed to help you land where you belong and thrive. Tune in to gain valuable insights and strategies for setting your goals and achieving success in 2024.

“There’s a tremendous amount of impact that growth, personal growth, has on belonging.”



[00:01:49] Navigating college and career journeys.

[00:09:37] Self-awareness and prioritizing goals.

[00:16:47] Change your lens.

[00:22:43] Not adapting quickly enough.

[00:33:07] Belonging and personal growth.

[00:46:08] Strategic planning for goals.

[00:55:46] Financial impact and giving back.


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