In this episode of Life Without Secrets, host Jillian Riddell is joined by Rachel Luna, a certified master coach and international speaker. Rachel’s inspiring journey from overcoming personal battles like breast cancer to finding her true calling in empowering others is shared. Her book, “Permission to Offend,” encourages authenticity and confidence. Join the conversation on real-life challenges and strategies for personal growth on Life Without Secrets.

“If you’re looking for acceptance, look up. That’s the fastest way to end the validation addiction.”



[00:04:56] Permission to offend.

[00:09:30] Overcoming victim mindset. 

[00:20:12] Relentless pursuit of faith.

[00:29:27] Body positivity and self-acceptance.

[00:36:37] Understanding fear vs. anxiety.

[00:45:51] Faith built business.


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