Join Jillian Riddell on this episode of Life Without Secrets as she dives deep into understanding and balancing masculine and feminine dynamics with special guest Terrin Ammar, founder of The Queen Kollective. Discover insights on recognizing which energy you lead with, practical steps to achieve polarity, and the impact of trauma on these energies. Gain valuable advice and actionable strategies to empower yourself and embrace your true confidence. Tune in for a transformative conversation filled with personal stories and expert guidance to help you step into your power and understand yourself better.

“The feminine will always unconsciously test the masculine.”


[00:03:57] Masculine and feminine energy.

[00:09:45] Feminine energy and safety.

[00:12:03] Masculine and feminine energies.

[00:15:31] Masculine shield of protection.

[00:17:40] Feminine energy dynamics.

[00:24:29] Relationship conflict resolution strategies.

[00:26:42] Regulating for better relationships.

[00:30:55] Communication differences between genders.

[00:32:18] Holding the Trash Can.

[00:37:30] Archetypes in love vs. fear.

[00:41:23] Exploring feminine energy and trauma.

[00:42:48] Calling in your king.

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