In this episode of Life Without Secrets, human behavior and performance coach Brian Bogert shares his inspiring journey from a life-altering injury to resilience and authenticity. Discover how embracing pain can lead to healing and sustainable growth. Join us for deep insights and practical advice on connecting with your authentic self and unlocking your potential.

“Our greatest treasures are actually formed beneath and by our trash pressure.”



[00:01:12] Embracing pain to avoid suffering.

[00:08:43] Rehabilitation and emotional journey.

[00:14:29] Asking for help.

[00:20:36] Human connection and vulnerability.

[00:29:04] Digging through past truths.

[00:29:50] Living with shame and anger.

[00:37:33] Embrace pain to avoid suffering.

[00:40:31] Embracing pain to avoid suffering.

[00:47:20] The importance of communication.

[00:53:25] Embracing pain and growth.


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