In this episode, host Jillian sits down with Chip Baker, a fourth-generation educator, coach, author, and speaker. Chip shares his powerful philosophies on “growing through your go through” and finding blessings in life’s lessons. They discuss the impact of influence, the importance of servant leadership, and the significance of creating a loving environment for personal growth. Chip’s tagline “live, learn, serve, inspire, go get it” resonates throughout the conversation, offering valuable insights for overcoming challenges and inspiring others.

“Because like every moment of every day, I’m making choices that either move me forward or hold me back.”



[00:01:17] Growing through what you’re going through.

[00:05:18] Finding blessings in tough times.

[00:08:23] Overcoming educational certification challenges.

[00:13:37] Embracing challenges and growing.

[00:19:48] The power of choices.

[00:24:23] Overcoming challenging environments.

[00:25:55] Learning from bad experiences.

[00:31:23] Overcoming challenges with faith.

[00:36:19] Servant leadership concept.

[00:39:53] Self-care and serving others.

[00:43:25] Connecting through social media.


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