51: How a “Walk and Talk” Will Change the Quality of Your Relationship

Do you know the difference between a disagreement and an argument? In this episode, Jillian and Michael Riddell discuss the different ways of managing conflicts in relationships, using their own personal experiences and solutions. They introduce their “walk and talk” solution, a perfect way to spend quality time, exercise and connect on a deeper level. With several proven benefits of physical activity, the hosts encourage their listeners to use this tool to strengthen their relationships, communicate better, and support their partners’ goals and aspirations. 



“Our feelings were kind of  hurt because we wanted to spend time with each other, and we felt like the other person wasn’t meeting our needs.”



[3:53] Improving Relationship Communication through Weekly Walks

[7:41] Prioritizing Emotional Health with Partner Check-Ins

[11:11] The Power of Walking and Talking Together

[14:41] Benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy

[17:35] Achieving goals through walking and support


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