55: Intimate Conversations: Navigating Different Sexual Desires in Relationships

In this episode, Jillian and Michael Riddell open up about their personal experience and struggles with differing sexual desires in their marriage. They reveal that 79% of couples have mismatched expectations about sexual frequency and experiences, and how life transitions and changes can impact sexual desire in a relationship. With honesty and vulnerability, they discuss the importance of building trust and communication in a relationship, especially when discussing sensitive topics like sex.



“You gotta have trust in your relationship And when you’re about to have that conversation, I think it’s really important to think about, like, a good time and place to have that conversation.”



[04:11] Improving communication and intimacy after kids

[11:37] Sexual Initiation Differences Between Genders

[18:48] Navigating intimacy scheduling in relationships

[22:47] The Importance of Seeking Help for Sex & Intimacy

[26:12] Navigating Sexual Desires in Relationships


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