59: Overcoming Obstacles: Building Resilience for Growth

Jillian emphasizes the importance of resilience as a skill that can be built through facing and overcoming adversities, improving conflict resolution, communication, and empathy skills and shares her own struggles to encourage listeners to seek help if needed. Jillian shares her own experience of launching her podcast after Instagram disabled her account, but she persevered and built her audience from scratch. She uses the analogy of dating and marriage to explain that respect must be earned, not given, emphasizing the importance of having a support system when going through difficult times in business or relationships. Join Jillian as she encourages her listeners to seek positivity, like-minded couples, and someone to confide in and trust. 

“The obstacle isn’t there to hold you back. It’s to really pull you forward because those are the times that you’re gonna grow.”



[3:30] Building resilience through overcoming obstacles

[6:48] The Importance of Growth Mindset and Resilience

[10:17] Building resilience and achieving clarity

[13:52] Building Supportive and Trusted Relationships

[17:16] Positive Relationships and Parenting Advice


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