64: Crohn’s Disease: A Journey of Resilience with Dan Stowell

Living with Crohn’s disease is an invisible illness that can be incredibly difficult to manage. It can be isolating, and people with Crohn’s often feel self-conscious and try to hide their condition. Dan Stowell is a Crohn’s survivor who has managed his condition through diet and lifestyle changes. In this captivating episode, Jillian and Dan discuss his journey and how he has been able to cope with his diagnosis.

“Be a voice for yourself, and that will save you so much time and pain in the future if you just continue to let that go.”



(6:22) Overcoming Crohn’s Disease

(10:56) Coping with Adversity

(17:04) Managing Crohn’s Disease

(30:02) Health Transformation

(23:27) Living with IBD


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