Are you feeling overwhelmed by life’s struggles? In this episode, Jillian talks with Charles Phillips, an author, coach, school counselor, and the host of I Am Conquering Mountains podcast. Charles opens up about his personal struggles, from a childhood marked by trauma and instability to facing anxiety in college. He transformed his struggles into the stepping stones on his path to success and fulfillment. Tune in to hear his inspiring story and learn how you can conquer any mountain that stands in your way!

“You control the outcome, which means you can control how you go through it, and you control whether or not you make it through.”



(00:05:58) Domestic Abuse Effects

(00:11:58) Anxiety in Childhood

(00:24:15) Managing Anxiety Through Counseling

(00:30:00) Overcoming Anxiety

(00:35:58) Staying Motivated During Difficult Times


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