In this podcast episode, Jillian talks to Greg Witz, President & CEO of Witz Education. Greg explores the importance of emotional intelligence and its three core areas: self-awareness, self-management, and empathy. He delves into the concept of transactional analysis and the three ego states that make up our personality. Effective communication is highlighted as a key skill in navigating relationships and managing ego states. Unresolved emotional baggage is discussed as a source of conflict and stress, emphasizing the importance of addressing and managing these emotions. The role of mindset and purpose in personal and professional success is examined, along with the significance of resolving childhood traumas and finding personal light. 

“Blaming is the discharging of discomfort and pain, it’s just been built up.”



(00:06:21) Three Ego States

(00:18:40) The Impact of Ego States on Communication

(00:30:48) Unpacking Emotional Baggage

(00:37:01) The Power of Therapy

(00:43:14) The Transformation of a Business

(00:49:06) Resolving Childhood Traumas and Finding Personal Light


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