80: Empowering Transformation: Proven Principles for Ultimate Success with Stephen Scoggins

In this episode Jillian interviews Stephen Skoggins, a successful entrepreneur who went from homelessness to building an eight-figure business. Stephen’s journey is inspiring, and he has dedicated himself to helping others reach their full potential through his life mastery systems. The conversation delves into Stephen’s insights, strategies for overcoming obstacles, and the importance of servant leadership. Stephen shares his personal journey from homelessness to success, emphasizing the importance of leveraging adversity for growth. He attributes his ability to see people’s potential to his first mentor, who believed in him before he believed in himself. The conversation also revolves around the power of belief and progress, the importance of sharing one’s story, and the transformative power of transparency.

“If you want people to be attracted to you, you have to become attractive to yourself.”



(00:05:16) Journey from Homelessness to Entrepreneur

(00:10:06) Transformational moment

(00:14:39) The Power of Sharing Your Story

(00:19:30) The Power of Belief and Progress

(00:24:04) The Power of Transparency


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