In this episode of Life Without Secrets, we explore the power of sleep with renowned sleep specialist, Dr. Angela Holliday-Bell. Dr. Holliday-Bell shares her insights into the impact of sleep on our lives and offers strategies for achieving restorative sleep. With appearances on The Dr. Phil Show, ABC News, and WGN Television, Dr. Holliday-Bell brings her expertise to help listeners unlock the true potential of their sleep and improve their overall well-being. Tune in to discover the secrets, struggles, and strategies to a happier, healthier, and more productive existence through the magic of sleep.

“Instead of thinking of sleep as taking away from time or as this lazy habit, think of it as really pouring into your ability to be productive and function optimally.”



[00:04:17] Sleep and emotional regulation

[00:11:22] Melatonin and its usage

[00:17:12] Bedtime routine and sex

[00:22:30] Reframing the relationship with sleep

[00:27:13] Sleep struggles and research journey

[00:34:00] Sleep optimization game changer


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