92: The Journey of Personal Development: Uncovering Your Competitive Edge with Brian Covey

In this episode of Life Without Secrets, we are joined by Brian Covey, a visionary leader and founder of Covey Holdings. From his journey as a pro soccer player to building a multi-billion dollar team in the mortgage industry, Brian shares his wisdom and insights on leadership. We delve into his inspiring life story, exploring his passion for growth in his career, family, fitness, and mentorship programs. Tune in to this enriching conversation as we uncover the secrets, struggles, and strategies behind Brian’s success and learn how to find our own competitive edge.

“Be inclusive, include people that don’t believe and think and look like you do and watch how your world can expand with information.”



[00:01:24] Passion for leading and growth

[00:06:52] Deeper parts of people

[00:11:43] Being a great producer vs. being a great leader

[00:16:38] Super connecting and serving others

[00:23:02] Creating leaders and expanding influence

[00:27:16] Growth mindset and fixed mindset

[00:36:28] Finding your competitive edge

[00:40:11] Finding your audience and serving them


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