In this episode of Life Without Secrets, host Jillian welcomes Rudi Riekstins, an entrepreneur, international speaker, author, and top podcaster. Rudi shares his insights on unlocking personal power, aligning with purpose, and thriving in life. Together, they explore the secrets, struggles, and strategies that have shaped Rudi’s journey, offering listeners a deeper understanding of what it takes to achieve success. Tune in to this inspiring conversation and discover how to connect on a deeper level and grow together.

“You already have everything that you need to be able to create the life, the fulfillment, the joy, the success that you need, because all of the clues are right there.”

Rudi Riekstins is a “leader of leaders” called upon by business leaders, owners, and personalities who crave a deeper connection to their team and mission… Rudi’s also the co-host of the In•Powered Life Podcast, which educates leaders and individuals on how to tap into their personal power locked deep within and align themselves with their purpose for joy, success, and self-mastery.



[00:08:26] Creating Memory Days

[00:14:38] Unconscious behavior and self-awareness

[00:22:03] Visualization and intense emotion

[00:29:40] Aligning purpose with passion

[00:34:45] True fulfillment through serving others

[00:42:21] Changing dynamics in relationships

[00:47:12] Supporting and loving others

[00:53:30] Playing small in life


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