In this episode of Life Without Secrets, we are joined by Doug Bopst. Doug is an award-winning personal trainer, author of three books, and host of the Adversity Advantage Podcast on a crusade to inspire others to overcome adversity and become the best version of themselves. Doug shares his extraordinary journey from darkness to light, battling addiction and facing the consequences of his choices. Despite being a former felon, Doug used his time behind bars to transform his life. His story has garnered attention from national media outlets and he is here to share the lessons he’s learned that we can apply to our own personal adversities. This inspiring conversation explores the power of resilience, growth, and transformation.

“As a teenager, I felt like I had this massive feeling inside of me of what’s wrong with me.”



[00:08:00] Addiction to marijuana.

[00:13:28] Cannabis and its effects.

[00:19:07] The path not taken.

[00:27:40] Addiction and its grip.

[00:34:21] Transformative detox experience.

[00:40:07] Learning in the midst of chaos.

[00:47:20] Building confidence through small wins.

[00:54:01] Rebuilding trust with yourself.


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