In this episode of Life Without Secrets, we are joined by Tiffany Peterson, an expert in self-care, success habits, and sales training. Tiffany’s mission is to empower individuals to create healthier habits, enhance self-confidence, and find fulfillment. She merges self-care practices with sales strategies to help you cultivate the mindset and skill set necessary to claim and create a life and a business that you truly love. Tune in to discover the secrets, struggles, and strategies behind personal and professional growth.

“What actually changes your life is not a great podcast or a great workshop or even the coach. But what changes your life are the actions that you take.”



[00:04:43] Life doesn’t always go to plan

[00:11:09] Imperfect action and starting a business

[00:14:11] Self-care and self-confidence

[00:22:08] Lifetime relationship

[00:26:03] Morning ritual and self-care

[00:31:38] Energetic impact of technology

[00:39:14] Creating priorities for different seasons

[00:46:11] Being intentional in life

[00:55:21] Nourishing relationships and self-care


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