In this episode of Life Without Secrets, host Jillian Riddell, reflects on the struggles and challenges of comparing oneself to others on social media. She emphasizes the importance of being real and vulnerable, while also discussing the power of accountability in overcoming difficult moments. Jillian shares her personal experience of struggling and how accountability became her lifeline. Tune in to learn how to navigate tough times and find strength in being accountable to yourself and others.

“The more discipline and structure you have, the more happiness you’re going to have as well.”



[00:01:31] Accountability during tough times

[00:04:31] Choosing the right accountability partner

[00:08:43] Accountability groups for goals

[00:12:46] Having a system for accountability

[00:15:07] Accountability and self-motivation

[00:19:17] Finding support and vulnerability


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