In this episode of Life Without Secrets, we are joined by Melissa Wiggins, also known as Coach Mummabear. Melissa shares her remarkable journey, from transitioning from a career in law to becoming a master certified professional coach, to facing the adversity of her firstborn being diagnosed with stage four cancer. We learn how Melissa and her husband founded a foundation for pediatric cancer research, raising millions of dollars. Melissa also opens up about her own challenges, including burnout as a CEO, and how she is now on a mission to share her tools and insights with others. Join us for an inspiring and empowering conversation as we discuss Melissa’s upcoming book, “UnFollow,” and explore the secrets to leading a life full of vitality and purpose.

“Don’t look at your calendar and your life in terms of the hours that the actual thing takes, but instead the energy behind what it would take to do the thing.”



[00:02:30] Unfollow, Question Everything with Excitement

[00:09:24] Questioning authority and boundaries

[00:12:59] Unfollow everyone and follow you

[00:19:28] Re-energizing and self-care

[00:23:42] Pursuing fulfillment and purpose


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