In this episode of Life Without Secrets, we are joined by Brooke Hemingway, a mom of six and a serial entrepreneur. From nursing to becoming a seven-figure earner in just two years, Brooke shares her journey of alignment and how she gracefully handles uncertainty. She also discusses her experiences navigating her daughter’s type 1 diabetes and the courage it takes to embrace new paths. Brooke is not only a business powerhouse, but also an advocate for authenticity, encouraging others to be true to themselves. Tune in as we delve into her insights, challenges, and triumphs, and get ready to align your life, embrace authenticity, and be inspired to chase your dreams.

“Security will kill you. Like it’ll kill you faster than anything. And maybe not physically kill you, but it’ll kill you inside for sure.”



[00:07:49] Empowerment and personal growth.

[00:11:20] Uncertainty and human drive.

[00:16:20] Security will kill you.

[00:19:20] Self-sabotage and success.

[00:26:03] Alignment and life balance.

[00:34:00] Speaking life over her.

[00:41:04] Finding the gift in setbacks.

[00:50:09] Room of acceptance and empowerment.


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