In this episode of Life Without Secrets, host Jillian Riddell is joined by Dana Grant, a Master Certified Life Coach, who has overcome personal adversities and redefined her life’s purpose. Dana’s journey from the corporate world to becoming the co-founder of Cauliflower Foods is truly inspiring. Through her story, listeners will discover how owning her truth has allowed her to claim her power and guide others from fear to freedom, and self-doubt to self-love. Tune in to learn about the secrets, struggles, and strategies that have led Dana to a life of authenticity, freedom, and fulfillment.

“What we fear, we empower. What we love, we empower. Whatever it is we’re claiming, we’re empowering.”



[00:01:51] Power of Connection and Energy

[00:10:04] Accountability.

[00:13:17] Internal truths vs external truths.

[00:19:25] Owning your truth and transformation.

[00:29:31] Trusting your inner knowing.

[00:35:31] Avoidance as a coping mechanism.

[00:43:46] Disclosing secrets and empowerment.

[00:49:57] Embracing abundance and joy.


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