In this episode of Life Without Secrets, Jillian welcomes Terry Yoffe. Terry shares her inspiring journey of personal and professional transformation, breaking free from self-imposed limitations and pursuing passions with persistence and purpose. She discusses the importance of dismantling limiting beliefs and embracing vulnerability. Terry’s story highlights the power of resilience and the willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone. She emphasizes the significance of taking small steps towards desired outcomes and not letting fear hold you back. Tune in to discover the power of truth in personal and professional transformations.

 “If you’re going to stay in your comfort zone, having milk and cookies all your life, you will never get anywhere.”



[00:02:09] Overcoming toxic family environment.

[00:05:31] Embracing new opportunities.

[00:12:18] Overcoming self-doubt and success.

[00:17:37] Overcoming mental barriers in life.

[00:24:26] Maintaining high levels of motivation

[00:26:49] Age and role models.

[00:34:26] Regrets and life trajectory.

[00:40:34] Chase your dreams with energy.

[00:42:51] Pursuing passions and new beginnings.


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