In this episode of Life Without Secrets, join host, Jillian Riddill as she delves into the theme of freedom with special guest Azadeh Atzberger, a bestselling author and founder of Finally Free Life. Azadeh shares her journey of overcoming domestic and sexual abuse, addiction, and developing tools for narcissistic abuse recovery. Discover the transformative power of freedom and how to manifest the life you desire. Tune in to explore the secrets, struggles, and strategies for finding liberation and fulfillment.

“Codependency is hard work and it’s subtle. It will steal your life and it is a killer. It is, I believe, the core root of all addictions.”



[00:01:23] The transformative power of freedom.

[00:07:48] Recovery and pivotal turning point.

[00:11:41] Finding freedom and purpose.

[00:16:29] Living without secrets in recovery.

[00:19:28] Life without secrets and transformation.

[00:24:15] The seduction of self-sufficiency.

[00:27:10] Boundaries in the healing process.

[00:33:49] Healing the inner child.

[00:37:06] Freedom in personal transformation

[00:41:31] Making decisions without regrets.

[00:45:03] Supporting each other through growth.


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