46: The Secret to Creating Financially Competent Kids with Scott Donnell

In this episode, serial entrepreneur Scott Donnell shares his passion for passing on generational wisdom and talks about why it is essential to teach children financial management. With over 6 million kids helped so far, Scott offers insights into how Gravy Stack, a banking and investing platform for kids and teens, can make learning about money fun and appealing for kids. Scott aims to solve the lack of financial literacy in children by creating a bank account that not only caters to kids but equips parents to manage their children’s finances with ease. Learn valuable tips on teaching children financial literacy from a young age, including the importance of home gigs that encourage children to earn more money and take on more responsibilities. 



“The kids learn in 2 ways. They learn by doing and they learn by having fun. That’s how you learn.”



[06:39] GravyStack: A Solution to Financial Illiteracy Among Young People

[13:03] Revolutionizing Parental Allowances with Home Gigs

[19:47] Teaching Kids Smart Money Habits on Smart Money Parenting

[25:52] Advantages of Treating Children 2 Years Older


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