48: How to Raise Wise, Emotionally Intelligent Adults with Sean Donohue

Join host Jillian Riddell on Life Without Secrets as she invites guest Sean Donohue, aka the Family Coach, to reveal the real struggles and strategies of parenting in a digital age. In this episode, the pair discusses screen addiction, building trust, and setting boundaries between parents and children. With personal stories and insightful tips, Sean offers a fresh perspective on the challenges of parenting and shares how co-creation and empathy can strengthen family relationships.



“Whatever we are struggling with as parents, there are tools out there. There are ways. There are other approaches.”



[09:44] The Risks and Benefits of Screen Time

[23:21] Rebuilding Trust After a Cell Phone Betrayal

[29:50] Active Listening in Parent-Child Communication

[39:37] Encouraging young people beyond academics

[49:09] Effective discipline techniques for misbehaving children


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