49: Progress over Problems: Improving Relationships Through Appreciation & Communication

Looking for tips to improve your relationship? In this episode, Jillian and Michael Riddell discuss the importance of praising progress in relationships, especially during disagreements. They use their own marriage as an example and highlight the value in acknowledging your partner’s efforts, communicating clearly, and reflecting on the positive aspects of the relationship.



“And you are never alone in what you’re going through it’s so important to praise the progress in your relationship because oftentimes, we can open up our filing cabinets on all the negative things and we expect things to, like, flip a switch and we’re gonna get better.”



[3:47] The Importance of Praising Progress in Relationships

[7:03] The Power of Appreciation in Relationships

[10:35] Effective Communication in Relationships

[14:09] Embracing Personal Growth and Relationship Struggles


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