50: Reclaiming Purpose and Empowerment with Gina Trimmer

In this riveting episode of Life Without Secrets, Jillian Riddell introduces the inspiring guest, Gina Trimmer, who has traveled to over 40 countries and is a wife and mother of three boys. They dive deep into the theme of revitalizing oneself and becoming empowered in daily life, revealing the real-life secrets, struggles, and strategies that have shaped their lives. Gina emphasizes the importance of taking care of oneself to better take care of others, not suffering in silence, and starting from a place of clean water. 



“When you think of your vision for setting your goals and what your life wants, what you want it to be, what do you want it to look like? There has to be a motion behind why you’re setting these goals.”



[09:59] Overcoming Financial Struggles and Emotional Hardships

[13:08] Dealing with Triggers in Relationships

[19:32] Efficient Time Management for Stay-at-Home Parents

[22:45] Intentionality, Self-Care, and Starting a New Business

[36:31] Creating a Fulfilling Life with Community and Self-Care


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