52: Finding the One: Navigating Modern Dating with Dr. Christie Kaderian, The Date Doctor

Get ready to unlock the secrets of modern dating. In this episode, Jillian talks with guest Dr. Christie Kadarian, a professional matchmaker, who helps listeners navigate the confusing world of dating apps by providing tips on how to create attention-grabbing and meaningful dating profiles. Discover how to ask the right questions, how to spot red flags, and why listening to your intuition is essential.



“What I usually recommend for people is to really reflect and not just go through the motions of deepening, not just jump out of a relationship and into another relationship, you want to take that time to reflect and learn more about yourself.”



[7:07] Maximizing dating app profile to find compatible match

[10:04] Avoiding Red Flags on Dating Apps

[16:46] Chemistry vs. Investigative Questions on Dates

[19:59] Navigating Dating Apps and Single Parenting

[23:05] Introducing Partners to Kids & Finding Love as a Parent

[26:16] Finding love: Openness to unconventional ways


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