53: Running Your Own Race: Finding Fulfillment on Your Unique Journey

Are you tired of constantly comparing yourself to other people and feeling inadequate? In this week’s episode, Jillian Riddell and her husband Michael Riddell talk about the importance of finding fulfillment by running your own race. Instead of constantly comparing yourself to others, focus on your own journey and celebrate your own successes. It’s easy to get caught up in social media and believe that everyone else’s lives are perfect, but the truth is that nobody’s life is perfect.



“Making time for meaningful connections, I think, is so important, and especially surrounding yourself with people that support and inspire you.”



[3:34] Setting Personalized Goals and Running Your Own Race

[6:59] Embracing personal talents and gratitude

[10:25] The Power of Gratitude and Meaningful Connections

[13:59] Surrounding Yourself with Uplifting People

[17:32] Choosing a word to focus on for personal growth


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