54: Empowering Teens: Navigating Struggles and Building Relationships with Tisha Strasser

In this episode, Jillian welcomes Tisha Strasser, CEO of Bring It Push It Own It, who has dedicated herself to empowering girls, women, the disability community, and athletes to discover their own passions and purpose. They discuss the challenges of parenting teens and how to maintain a strong relationship with them, the importance of allowing children to have unique perspectives and individuality, and ways to deepen the bond between mothers and teenage daughters. 



“If we don’t open the narrative, for curiosity, as a parent, that’s where I think you close the door for real relationship and connection with your kiddos at a certain age.”



[3:45] Social media behavior and teenage independence

[9:58] Shifting parent-child disagreements narrative

[13:15] Empowering girls to find their voice

[16:21] Gender expectations for risky behavior

[19:34] Group program for mindfulness and anxiety

[22:33] The importance of flexibility in leadership

[32:04] Empowering mothers and daughters


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