56: Unlocking Your True Potential with Tori Kruse

Join Jillian as she talks to Tori Kruse, an accomplished entrepreneur, author, podcast host, speaker, and personal stylist who empowers women to look and feel their best. Learn how Tori’s approach to personal styling involves reflecting on internal personality, goals, and beliefs to achieve confidence and authenticity. Listen to Jillian’s story of how working with Tori helped her feel more confident and gain a better understanding of the importance of having a supportive family and community. 


“The single most determining factor in your success or failure is the belief belief you have in yourself.”



[3:22] Overcoming Adversity in Business as a Woman

[16:11] Confidence and Self-Belief in Pursuing Dreams

[22:34] Breaking Free from People Pleasing and Job Title Identity

[29:32] The Power of Specific Gratitude

[32:51] Empowering Women Through Personal Styling


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