58: Uncovering the Truth about Alcoholism and Addiction with Dr. Rob Kelly

Get ready to open up, connect and understand addiction and alcoholism in a whole new light. In this episode, Jillian talks with Dr. Rob Kelly, the sought-after recovery expert who is passionate about treating the underlying causes of addiction rather than suppressing it with temporary fixes. Dr. Kelly has experienced addiction himself and uses this experience to explain the unique genetic and biochemical components of the disease, as well as the importance of trauma as a gateway to addiction.

“Alcoholism is the only self-diagnosed illness in the world.”



[7:16] The science and psychology of alcohol addiction

[10:42] Overcoming alcoholism after hitting rock bottom

[14:06] The illusive savior: recovery and redemption

[20:43] Starting early conversations about addiction with children

[23:53] Tough love and boundaries in addiction treatment

[30:29] Understanding alcohol addiction & challenges


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