60: Empowered Wellness: Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Body, Heal Your Brain with Janna Johnson

Jillian talks to holistic nutritionist and integrative health coach, Janna Johnson, about healing her body from Lyme disease. Janna provides tips for preventing tick bites and discusses her research on essential oils as a treatment. She emphasizes the importance of healing the gut and taking the right supplements, following a keto diet, and incorporating intermittent fasting. Janna also highlights the importance of mindset and making small changes every day that can lead to better outcomes.

“I started to use food as my medicine, and I started to not feed the disease but nourish me. That was an ultimate game changer for me, and that’s really important to note.”



[3:41] Overcoming Chronic Lyme Disease with Functional Medicine

[7:14] Tick-Borne Diseases and Prevention

[14:45] Healing and Detoxifying with Food and Lymphatic Health

[18:29] Intermittent Fasting and Healing from Lyme Disease

[22:12] Shifting Mindset to Overcome Lyme Disease


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