62: Thriving Against the Odds: Building Resilience and Seizing Life’s Opportunities with Amberly Lago

Join Jillian as she talks with Amberly Lago, resilience coach, TEDx speaker, and author. They discuss challenges, including overcoming childhood sexual abuse, and how Amberly has turned adversity into opportunity. They highlight taking care of oneself, overcoming trauma, and facing physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Amberly emphasizes the Pacer framework, which stands for perspective, acceptance, community, endurance, and rest. She uses her personal experience to help listeners apply Pacer to their own lives. 

“When we go through hard times, it develops our grit. It develops our resilience.”



[7:55] Self-care for Caregivers

[11:44] Surviving a Traumatic Accident and Finding Motivation to Recover

[00:23:36] Overcoming physical setbacks and staying motivated

[00:27:27] Overcoming Disability After Injury

[00:35:13] The Pacer Method: Gratitude, Acceptance, Community, Endurance & Rest


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