63: Handling Rejection in Life and Love

Rejection can be tough in both personal and professional life but can also be a significant part of success. Listen, as Jillian and Michael share their personal experiences and suggest ways to handle rejection with grace. They discuss the importance of not carrying emotional baggage from work to personal life and how to form emotional connections at work. They address the fear of rejection and offer tips on focusing on strengths and achievements instead of setbacks. 

“I think it’s important really to focus on an internal perspective of yourself and start telling yourself, you know, about your strengths, about your successes, and taking those steps after feeling rejected to move forward.”



[00:03:44] Handling rejection in promotion

[00:06:51] Maintaining emotional boundaries between work and personal life

[00:10:28] Overcoming fear, relying on faith

[00:14:03] Overcoming rejection and building confidence

[00:17:53] Personal development and perseverance in pursuing goals


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