65: Connections That Transform: The Power of Shared Experiences and Personal Growth

Mike and Jillian Riddell discuss the power of communication, prayer, and commitment in a marriage, as well as the testimony of Lloyd Riddell and the power of being vulnerable. They encountered an elderly couple on a flight who had been married for 65 years and shared their top ten list for marriage, which included never yelling at each other, celebrating the hundreds of things you like about each other, and loving each other sacrificially. They also discuss the importance of couples praying together and how it can help couples understand each other better. 


“We came from a time when if something was broken, you fix it.”



(1:30) Meeting Lloyd & Bonnie

(5:05) Lifetime Commitments to God

(10:14) Marriage Secrets

(14:22) Older Couple’s Compassion

(17:07) Bad Things and Faith


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