66: Breaking the Stigma: Mental Health in High Stress Professions with Andrew Douglas

Beginning with a traumatic call involving a premature baby, Jillian speaks with Andrew Douglas, co-founder of Siento, a stigma-free mobile application platform designed to help first responders and professionals in high-stress industries. He explains the stigma around mental health in first responders, military, and other highly trained professions. They discuss how leaders need to start the conversation and make it normal to talk about feelings, and how being vulnerable and open can lead to strong relationships.

“You need to be smart enough to know that you can’t save everybody, but you need to be dumb enough to think you can.”



(06:11) Impact of Trauma

(19:33) First Responder Mental Health

(26:19) Suicidal Ideation

(33:32) Forgiveness and Faith

(47:04) Stigma and Mental Health


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