69: Living Long & Stress-Free: Grandma’s 105th Birthday

Join Jillian and Michael, as they celebrate their grandmother’s 105th birthday and discuss the importance of reducing stress in order to live a long and fulfilling life. Drawing on their grandmother’s advice to “live one day at a time and don’t stress the small stuff,” they introduce a technique from the Heart Math Institute to reduce stress and encourage listeners to take a moment to breathe deeply and focus on love and peace. 


“Just live one day at a time and don’t stress the small stuff. There’s no use worrying about a week from now because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Life is precious, and it’s best enjoyed by focusing on the present moment.”



(00:04:33) Living a Fulfilling Life

(00:00:00) Life Without Secrets

(00:08:38) Heart Focused Breathing

(00:13:29) Stillness and Intuition


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