70: Rewriting the Narrative: Healing from Trauma with Gabi Ruth

Beginning a journey of healing and self-discovery can be a powerful experience that leads to a life of purpose and fulfillment. In this episode, Jillian talks to Gabi Ruth. Gabi is an author, speaker, coach, and host of the Pain to Passion Live podcast. As a complex trauma survivor and “trauma mama,” she’s spent years studying and applying various somatic-based healing modalities, and believes it’s both possible and imperative to continue to pursue your God-dreams while healing from your past.discuss the importance of understanding triggers, creating a safe environment, and forming healthy relationships in order to authentically connect with others. Through breathing exercises and storytelling, listeners learn how to manage a sympathetic state of heightened alertness and arousal triggered by stress or fear.

“It takes time, patience, and self compassion. It requires us to honor our past while also acknowledging the resilience and strength within us to shape our own futures.”



(00:05:52) Healing Trauma

(00:12:01) Healing and Dreaming

(00:17:49) Healing Through Storytelling

(00:23:36) Calming Sympathetic State

(00:29:20) Healing Process


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