72: Unlock Your Extraordinary Life: Self-Love, Mindset & Transformation with Louise Ashby

Are you ready to hear an inspiring story of courage and resilience? On this episode, Jillian sits down with Louise Ashby, Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker, and Transformation and Mindset Coach. Louise shares her inspiring story of resilience, courage, and finding strength in the face of unimaginable adversity. They also discuss the power of mindset, identity shifts, and how to navigate life’s choices. 

“The minute you surrender to the situation and accept it, there’s no more fight. You’re just in solution.”



(00:06:27) Surviving Traumatic Injury

(00:18:24) Healing Trauma

(00:24:42) Mindset Superpowers

(00:37:11) Transformation Through Mindset

(00:43:53) Rewriting Your Story


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