76: Transforming Self-Talk: Embracing Opportunities and Owning our Health with Anne Randall

In this captivating podcast episode, Annie Randall, a highly accomplished business leader, triathlete, certified fitness coach, and motivational speaker, shares with Jillian, her transformative journey and the power of changing self-talk and embracing opportunities. Despite lacking experience, Annie and her husband decided to own three Orange Theory Fitness studios, demonstrating the importance of challenging negative self-talk and believing in one’s worth and potential. Annie introduces three questions to challenge negative stories and beliefs and encourages listeners to create a “who statement” that defines the person they want to be. The conversation also discusses the power of community in personal growth and fitness, the impact of setbacks, and the importance of self-care.

“If you’re talking to yourself and you’re not saying something that you would say to the person next to you, stop saying it to yourself.”



(00:05:26) Overcoming Self-Doubt

(00:11:12) The Power of Community

(00:16:53) Handling setbacks and challenges

(00:22:46) Embracing the Journey

(00:28:23) Overcoming Challenges and Building Community

(00:34:08) Podcast Rating and Review


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