In this captivating episode, Jillian and Michael delve into the topics of motivation, personal growth, and living a fulfilling life. They discuss the importance of finding what drives us individually and cherishing the moments we have. They encourage self-reflection, setting achievable goals, and taking small steps towards improvement each day. The conversations emphasize the significance of comparing oneself to their own progress rather than others, taking care of our bodies, and dealing with distress and negative emotions in a positive way. Overall, they highlight the importance of motivation, personal growth, and a healthy lifestyle in becoming the best versions of ourselves.

“I know this sounds weird, but what motivates me is seeing life and death, seeing unstuck to unstoppable. Those are the biggest motivators.”



(00:04:37) Motivation and Becoming the Best Self

(00:09:05) Importance of Comparing Yourself to Your Own Progress

(00:13:17) Taking Care of Our Bodies


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