Join Jillian and Michael, as they explore the impact of negative emotions on our energy levels and ability to navigate difficult situations. They emphasizes the importance of understanding the difference between stressors and stress, and encourages listeners to identify their own stressors and emotional responses. The couple offer strategies for dealing with negative emotions, such as seeking out positive experiences and recharging our emotional batteries. They also discuss the importance of managing our emotional state and how it can positively impact our overall well-being. Through self-awareness and practice, we can respond rather than react in difficult situations and show up to the world with more energy.

“I think self awareness is so important in this day and age, too, because this is a really fast paced world we live in. And if we don’t take the time to just pause throughout our day and go like, okay, I’m not feeling so hot, why am I feeling like this? What is the situation? Write it down. What’s the emotional response? What are you doing now about it? And what can we do instead? I think we really need to focus on that, and this is going to boost our energy.”



(00:04:53) Negative emotions and recharging

(00:09:45) Managing Stress and Finding Positive Emotions

(00:14:21) Recharging Your Energy


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