Join Jillian and Michael Riddell on a journey into the fascinating world of emotions and their impact on your body’s internal systems. In this episode of Life Without Secrets, you’ll discover the intricate relationship between your emotions and the autonomic nervous system that governs crucial functions like heart rate, digestion, and more. Learn how negative emotions like frustration and anger can elevate heart rate and release stress hormones like cortisol, while positive emotions trigger hormones like DHEA that promote well-being.

“As you can tell, learning to bring on positive emotions will help you self regulate and improve your mental and your physical health.”



(00:01:42) Emotions and the autonomic nervous system 

(00:03:29) DHEA and positive emotions 

(00:07:10) Depressed, a depleting emotion 

(00:12:40) Using the energy of emotions 

(00:16:05) Shifting perspectives in challenging situations 

(00:17:31) Positive and negative energy.


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