82: Modeling Love, Kindness, and Success: A Vision for Change with Kelly Siegel

Kelly Siegel, a resilient and kind-hearted individual, has used his personal experiences to drive positive change and become a successful CEO of National Technology Management. His unique perspective on the transformative power of resilience and kindness is rooted in his personal experiences and struggles, having grown up in a challenging environment where survival was the norm. Kelly emphasizes the importance of being kind to others, as everyone is fighting their own battles, and believes that life can be made easier by making simple promises to oneself and building trust and love within. He encourages individuals to embrace discomfort and make the necessary changes to create a more fulfilling life, highlighting the significance of protecting one’s energy and surrounding oneself with positive influences. Join Jillian Riddell and Kelly Siegel on this episode of the Life Without Secrets podcast to delve deeper into these insights and learn more about the transformative power of resilience and kindness.

“Keep the promises you make to yourself. That is the number one thing. You build trust in yourself to love yourself. And when you do that, life becomes simple.”



(00:04:20) Overcoming adversity

(00:07:21) Modeling positive behavior

(00:12:14) Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

(00:21:18) Comfort with Chaos and Discomfort

(00:29:57) Emotional Release and Gratitude

(00:41:24) Mentoring and Giving Back


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