In this episode of Life Without Secrets, we are joined by Erika Rothenberger, a leader challenging norms in the corporate world. As a director of performance systems at Henkels & McCoy, Erika thrives in a male-dominated industry, trading heels for steel-toed boots and hard hats. Erika’s influence reaches far beyond her career, as she has founded empowerment networks, contributed to charities, served on boards, and is a driving force in mentoring and lifting fellow women. She is also a published author, podcast host, and inspiring keynote speaker. Join us as we dive into Erika’s journey from professional accomplishments to personal triumph over adversity.

“If I’m authentic to myself, I’m going to ultimately produce better.”



[00:03:40] Women empowerment in male-dominated fields

[00:10:31] Creating space for your passion

[00:18:11] Overcoming eating disorder and empowerment

[00:20:11] Childhood trauma and generational trauma

[00:26:47] Fueling yourself and self-care

[00:34:15] The power of manifestation


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