In this episode of Life Without Secrets, Jillian and Michael Riddell discuss the common struggle of fitting in and belonging. They share personal experiences of feeling different and questioning their place in various situations. The hosts explore how both men and women can have similar feelings of not belonging, whether due to family dynamics or societal pressures. They emphasize the importance of recognizing that nobody is perfect and that everyone goes through these struggles. Join them as they dive deep into the secrets, struggles, and strategies of finding one’s place in the world.

“You will develop this inner sense of belonging that will take you way farther.”



[00:01:36] Feeling like you belong

[00:05:06] Teenagers and social media

[00:08:33] Building confidence through daily accomplishments

[00:11:59] External Factors for Belonging

[00:17:13] Friendships and communication

[00:18:04] Emotional maturity in friendships


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