67: Unlocking Your Heart’s Power

Jillian Riddell is embarking on a new project to teach people how to connect with their heart in a science-based way! This podcast episode explores the power of energy and how it can be used to attract positive things into one’s life. Mike and Jillian discuss how to reignite one’s heart on a daily basis and how to navigate setbacks with resilience and purpose. They also emphasize the importance of understanding the core reasons behind why someone wants to achieve something and not just use it as a “Band-Aid” to cover up deeper issues. Finally, they encourage each other to embark on a journey of self-discovery, embrace the joy of small moments, and find fulfillment in being true to themselves.


“Pastor Rick says a setback is a set up for a comeback.”



(01:00) Heart Math Certification

(04:24) Living Without Secrets

(9:56) Achieving and Addiction

(14:22) Reigniting Hearts


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